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MOD POST: Welcome!

Welcome to aliaspicspam!

Taking a cue from the Veronica Mars fandom, I am opening up the Spy Caps vault to allow hotlinked picspams of ALIAS. The gorgeous imagery of the show is not getting enough love, and you can only make so many icons/wallpapers/headers/etc. before looking for something else to do. Take a break! Create a picspam!

General Info

This is a picspam community for the television show ALIAS.

All posts to this community are automatically friends locked, so you must join the community to see the posts.

All members can picspam this community only by hotlinking images from Spy Caps.

A Few Rules

  • No more than 50 caps per post. If you want to link more caps, upload the remainder to your own space.

  • If the bandwidth is looking like it's going to go over the limit, I reserve the right to put the community on moderated posting until my bandwidth counter has reset. During this time you're still welcome to post links to picspams with caps you are hosting on your own space, but any picspams linking to Spy Caps will be deleted, so make sure you back up your work (you can either save the post as a file if you're using a client, or you can save a privately posted copy in your own journal.) I will post a warning before I put the comm on moderated posting and post again when you're free to picspam.

  • The hotlinking does not extend to picspams posted in private journals. If you want to post in your own journal you must upload the caps to your own space.

  • Since the DVD caps at Spy Caps are a higher resolution than most monitors you might want to resize the images. You can do this by using the following format for your image links:

    <img src="insert url here" width=65%>

Other Stuff

Feel free to link any sort of picspam you have in your own journal, as long as it's not friends locked and you have uploaded the caps to your own space.

Please give some indication in your post subject, in your cut description, and/or outside of the cut what your picspam contains (Episode 1x22, Season 2, etc.)


All members are allowed to create tags. Take a look at the tags to see the format they should have. If your picspam involves a 'ship, please put the characters' names in alphabetical order (sydney/vaugh, francie/will, irina/jack, etc.).

The tags should denote the theme of your picspam, so you don't need to put every character name just because there's a picture of them in your picspam.

Feel free to create tags with your own user name if you want a way to quickly find your old posts (for example: user: roniabirk), or to classify your picspam in some way previously not thought of (for instance: location: russia).

Happy picspamming! =D



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Oct. 22nd, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
Care to affiliate with alias_challenge, or are you taking affiliations?
Oct. 24th, 2006 02:24 pm (UTC)
I hadn't really thought about it, but I added the comm to the userinfo page, sure. =)
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